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About Our Tobacco Seeds

How many seeds do I get ?
Each pack of tobacco seeds contains at least 500 of either Virginia or Havana seeds. Substantial discounts are available for purchase of both types of seed.

12 week old tobacco plants grown to about 2 feet tall

What's the difference between Virginia and Havana tobacco ?
Virginia is for cigarettes and Havana for pipe and cigars. Cigarette and tobacco packets often state "Blended Tobacco". Try mixing both to find the flavour you like. We have a special discount for purchasing both types of seed.

Which is the best to grow and smoke ?
Lets start with the tobacco seeds. How many types of tobacco seeds are there? Probably thousands. Make sure you are not being provided with hybrids that don't provide seeds for the following year. By growing tobacco plants that provide seeds, the tobacco plants will adjust to your soil and your climate for the following year.

Does climate matter?
You bet! Try growing Orinoco tobacco seeds in the UK for your cigar wrapper, and the chances are it will fail to grow when exposed to the British climate. Unless you live in the frozen wastes of Alaska, or even the highlands of Scotland avoid purchasing tobacco seeds that need growing in a greenhouse or poli-tunnel; the heat and humidity cause fungi growth and mildew and creepy crawlies will have a field day. More important, the volume of tobacco grown in a poli-tunnel would hardly cover the cost of curing the tobacco leaf.

In short you need a tobacco plant that is accustomed to cooler outdoor climates. Even better, if the mother plants which provided the seeds were grown in the UK which has a similar climate to Canada and North of New York USA. A tobacco plant that is used to cooler climates will adjust to a warmer environment, but reversing the process is risky for the amateur. The tobacco plant is not called a weed for nothing; it is a prolific grower with the bonus that if any seeds fall to the ground they will not survive the winter.

How much tobacco will I get ?
Just one successful plant will produce approximately 100g of tobacco, enough for at least 100 cigarettes depending on how you make your cigarettes.

How tall do the tobacco plants grow ?
The tobacco plants will grow to approximately 1½ meters (5 feet) without the flower, and 2 meters with the flowers.

Pink and white flowers just starting to grow on a tobacco plant

Are tobacco plants unsightly ?
No. Tobacco plants have a nice green foliage. If you allow your tobacco plants to run to seed they will have a pretty abundance of pink or white flowers.

How do I get next years tobacco seeds ?
Allow one or two plants to run to seed. The seeds will be in the flowers. Full instructions for letting your plants run to seed and gathering the seeds are given in the instructions provided with every pack of seeds.

Are these seeds safe ?
Unlike many other tobacco seed retailers, the mother plants which produced our tobacco seeds were certified as being virus free by the Ministry of Agriculture in the UK.

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