Tobacco seeds from Plantation House

Plantation House Tobacco - As Seen On TV!

Chris Gurney cutting leaves from his tobacco plantsIn September 2001, Chris Gurney, owner of Plantation House, was filmed with his tobacco crop by Carlton TV. The resulting TV program was shown on Independent TV in the UK early in 2002.

Chris was filmed pruning the tobacco leaf, also drying it and curing it in his curing chamber, and manufacturing it into cigarettes. This program was shown on ITV in the London region on Tuesday 7th May 2002 at 7.30pm.

As yet we don't know when the program will be repeated or on what channels. We're not likely to get any notification from any TV channels that show the program, so chances are that we'll miss it. If you happen to see it, please let us know as we'd love to know if it gets shown in other parts of the world.

The photographs on this page were taken by Picture Partnership during the filming on 24th September 2001. All photographs are copyright of Picture Partnership and are shown with their permission (thanks lads!). For any media viewers to thissite, Picture Partnership have photographed every stage of growing over a 2 year period.

Chris Gurney talking to the TV crew about his tobacco plants   Chris Gurney showing the TV crew the quality of his tobacco plants

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