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News letter February 2004


18 months after the last newsletter guys, who needs a wrap over his knuckles. The truth is this site has grown in forum membership and messages, so much so my first hour of the day is just answering messages sent by email and left on the forum. Then we have the orders to download to catch the mail, shortly followed by a message (forum or email) to say how quick you have received the seeds.

The help given by successful members is very much appreciated by me and Newbie's to this hobby. We might not always agree on our advice, but there is more than one way to skin a rabbit (or so they say). The fear of buying on line seems to be abating, so it should, in all the years I have been trading there has not been one problem on the security through paying on line raised by any customer.

Unlike previous news letters I won't knock the establishment over attempts to block the home grow market, why should I when they have left us alone. I will say the cost of buying a packet of cigarettes has grown faster than my plants, perhaps the ‘powers that be' are to busy counting their money and that's why they have left us alone.

The four packs of seeds has taken off and I'm not surprised for £10 with written instructions, with luck I hope to offer this package on a permanent basis. We are well into Europe with new customers, I can't think of a European country that is not growing my seeds. America and Canada fill 80% of all overseas sales, thanks guys but do me a favour when ordering, print the name and address as it should be for posting. I copy and paste the orders and many customers type it in small caps which have to be corrected, and don't assume I know your town or state, I haven't got a clue.

One thing I'm proud of is my new ability to put pictures on the forum, early members will remember the struggle I had to learn this skill. The web space has been enlarged this year to accommodate more pictures, don't waste it, these pictures help other members to improve their skills. The last few months have been a struggle trying to get multi currencies on my site, the idea being you will be able to see in the US what £10 converts to in Dollars. I'm still trying guys with U$D and Euro, hopefully it will be up by the time this news letter is posted on the site.

For visitors looking at this news letter with a view to growing tobacco, spend some time on the forum, with in excess of 1300 postings and over 400 members around the world, your question has been asked before.

We have a top site today and I do mean WE, This time of year you are just a name and address to send the seeds to, in six to seven month your success is shown on the forum. On the subject of forum, how about posing in your picture you send and also put your first name and location on your membership when joining. Links left with messages are deleted as I can't control if the link is changed to a dodgy site, same goes for anyone selling seeds or any other product like cigarettes. I might add when you register some put a false email address; I am automatically advised of this and delete the member.

Finally to keep this site at the top, any links are appreciated, pass the word fellow growers and thanks again.

My best wishes to you all, Chris Gurney

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