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This is Oliver from Arkanas USA, as seen on the forum
Ronny from Finland. This chap is a pipe smoker
Joel from Texas. A hands on kind of guy and a big help on the forum

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About Our Tobacco Seeds

We at the 'International Warehouse of Home Tobacco Growers' have something to shout about, our best selection ever, targeting your smoke to suit your taste. To help you to this choice a double special offer is now available for the first time ever, three for Cigarettes and three for Cigars.

For the cigarette smokers, some like it strong, some weak, how do you select. Your soil plays a great part in this, you don’t get an option. The choice we made was to give YOU that option when you are blending. Likewise with the Cigars, you have filler, binder and wrapper to make a cigar. The wrapper needs to have a bit of weight to hold all the filler in place, likewise the wrapper needs to be thin textured to ensure a clean finish.

Some of my varieties have been available for donkey years, others have been donated by fellow Warehouse members and grown locally just for you. My August to Octobers are spent travelling from one local members to another, this is to avoid cross pollination and give a pure strain. Every pod is hand picked as it ripens on the plant, perhaps that is why you do nor see any moaning on the thousands of messages on the forum, they do grow. You must follow the growing instructions, it’s not the waste of the cost of a packet of seeds, it’s the futile waste of a whole year with a great hobby at the end of it to take you through Winter and a dug garden with no plants to go in. Read them and then do it again, the forum guys did, many of them are as expert as you can get, Why? Because they have grown tobacco.

All varieties can be bought in 200 or 500 seeds, collectively under the special offer, or like in the case of the pipe smoker Monte Calme Brun is a king on it’s own. So is you fancy more choice for blending, now we have a shopping cart you do your own thing.

12 week old tobacco plants grown to about 2 feet tall

What varieties of tobacco seed are available?
Virginia, cream stemmed, a good old faithful plant, the building block for cigarette smokers. Life they say started with Adam and Eve, try Havana and Virginia in this scenario.
(Available in our special offer for cigarettes)

Havana, green stemmed, it could only be for a cigar you think. Well your 90% right, however a 10% mixed with the Brun makes an aromatic taste to your pipe. Havana can and is used for the filler in the main, it can be a bit thick for the outer wrapper, hence you will see this along with Connecticut Shade and another for the Cigar special offer.

Monte Calme Yellow, cream stemmed which is cigarette, yes your learning now. It's so close to the Virginia only the feel of the thinner leaf and more pointed ends define the difference. Smoking wise there is a difference, it's milder, a sturdy plant to grow, like Virginia and Havana will easy make two meters tall to flower provide you dig that extra spit and allowed the roots some room.
(Available in special cigarette offer)

Monte Calm Brun, green stemmed, This one's for you PIPE lads, thin large or even huge leaf, it has never disappointed me, bolt upright reaching for the sky and always a good crop.

Maryland 609, cream/green stemmed, it varies with the sunlight. A cigarette must, a two meter plant that has been the heaviest cropper yet. The leaf turned yellow with ease, the texture excellent. If you only smoke cigarettes and can only go for one packet, put Maryland at the top of the list, trust me.
(available in cigarette special offer)

Connecticut Shade, green stemmed, what a plant, 'Jack and the beanstalk', he should have climbed this one, it can get to fifteen foot if allowed. This is your cigar wrapper and binder if you so wish, for me a wrapper. In partial sunlight say on the side of a house, my seeds were being picked from an up stairs window (nor by me I should add). Because the plants stretched out, so was the leaf, making ideal thin wrapper leaf. Now those plants grown in the open ground were oozing flavour but the plants made around two meters plus, heavier and more suitable for binders.
(available in cigar special offer)

Connecticut Broadleaf, Green stemmed, this ones the last of three for your cigar, used along with your blend of Havana, you can tweek the required taste after testing. My guess is for cigars I would probably go for 50% Havana, 40% mix or even as a binder CB, and the Connecticut Shade is the wrapper 10%, the choice is yours, you have only to grow it first. It's recommended you top this plant early, that take it'd head off so it stops growing. It's a prolific grower, but quantity is not everything, one huge well developed leaf is better than two rubbish ones. This plant must have full sunlight, all the rest are happy in partial shade.
(available in Cigar special offer)

Pennsylvania Broadleaf green stemmed, grown for cigar filler and binder, not as heavy a cropper as others, but again it's not quantity we must be talking about. About six foot tall, my local grower Kojack (nickname) uses it for the whole cigar and swears by it. It was toss up between CB and this one for the cigar option, CB one only due to volume of sound tobacco. The CB can also represent Chewing Bacco; I'm told this is the one well used. If you have the space you might try it though, assuming your baskets not full up.

Coming in a few months, N. Rustica, a Peasant or Balkan tobacco, goes back right to the Red Indian days. Yellow flowers, very aromatic, and that's the one being grown as I write, available from April with luck, but too late to wait for now. Most customers sowing period starts in a few weeks, now's the time to order, the new range on offer were only picked a couple of months ago and it takes time to pack those high quality seed packets yours come in. There is also a Green flowered N. Rustica, this is the one the Indians had a trip on. Not surprising as it is only used for extracting Nicotine

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