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NICOTIANA GLAUCA (known as the Tobacco Tree)

The pictures below do not do the plant justice. Mine, grown from seed, 5 years ago amid grape vines and conifer trees would be in excess of twenty feet with a little support. Growing outdoors in South London, UK and withstood many frosts to minus 4 degrees Celsius, lower than that could kill the plant. I have harvested a vast number of seeds and propose to give them away with every seed order placed till stocks are gone, when this occurs the offer will be taken off line. AROUND 10 SEEDS WILL BE ENCLOSED FREE WITH EVERY ORDER IN A CLEAR PLASTIC BAG, as these are less than half the size of cigarette tobacco seeds don't mistake them for dust.

There are no separate instructions for growing these seeds, just follow the seed sowing instructions that come with your smoking tobacco seed order. However these NICOTIANA GLAUCA seeds need to be sown in sterilised soil, if not wild seed in your soil could fool you into nurturing a weed. Whereas my tobacco seeds will start to show in 4 to 10 days, the tobacco tree can take 3 weeks or more to pop it’s head up.

Seed sowing remains the same, early Spring, if your lucky to get a plant, don’t plant outdoors till well after the all clear for frost.

In my first year I wrapped the plant in foam during the winter, most frosts are strongest at ground level, the second year it reached 10 foot and has not been protected since. This is a tough plant to propagate / sprout, it will be a test of your skills and following my sowing instructions with your order to produce a plant. The plant is reputed to be toxic to humans and grazing animals - so don’t eat it, my pets have not been effected.

Native to South Bolivia and North Argentina


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