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Cat from Australia. This girl is a keen biker
Tonny from Holland, growing Virginia tobacco. It's his daughter demonstrating the huge leaf. What a sport.
Rick's crop from Kamloops B.C. Canada. What a view!


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About Us

Chris Gurney, the founder of Plantation House

It was back in the 1940’s my Brother Ron started this hobby which has taken over my life, 2Ib’s per person was allowed then, shortly to be an open market free of taxes. Does it go back that far you ask? Further, it was Charles II that banned a commercial tobacco growing industry in the UK over 400 years ago.

I’m a Grandad to twelve and dad to four (that I declare), they think I’m crazy, spring sowing seeds and preparing the soil to plant out later. Summer tending the crop and reaping my harvest. Evening walks are to aimed at the flowers, they are a thing of beauty, there could be hundreds on each plant. Each ripened bud should produce 3000 seed, where could this bud end up? Leaf is suspended from anywhere I can find a space, indoors, outdoors, under a lean to, but the do dry.

I’m called out to help in a National Play, the cast need training to make cigars, Fun, It’s brilliant fun. Better still the Royal National let me have their props when it was over, they can have them back next year.

The tobacco has gone through my curing chamber by November, I have a vast amount of cured tobacco from past years (the National had 17 kilo’s of this), this is for my quiet hour when I will hand roll my cigars to put away for future years whilst the tobacco is still maturing. I have tobacco from over ten years old, it matures like wine, mellow like me.

My Favourite Hobby      My Favourite Hobby

Am I crazy, because if I am, join me guys, it’s not about money, saving taxes, beating the system, it’s a hobby and now I have thousands of friends on the forum that have joined in the spirit of friendship, sharing their experience good or bad. Success is not Guaranteed, many of the limited instructions I see on other sites, questions if they have ever grown tobacco. Follow mine and you can’t go wrong, but to get them you need the seeds. They may be Free with each order, but for me to offer a spam free forum for all to use, it cost’s. If you buy cheap seeds thinking you can cut corners on the instructions, please don’t ask our members to explain 6 pages you are missing.

What you need is in the 4000+ postings, takes some looking for though. You will see some heavy posters on the forum, some bought seeds off me years ago, yet still stick around to help others like yourself, perhaps we are all crazy.

I'm Chris Gurney and many years ago I was in the position of looking for an interesting hobby, and so I began growing my own tobacco. My aim now is to give you the benefit of my knowledge so YOU could also smoke for free with no hidden catches.

New customers between 2000 and 2004 sharing our tobacco seeds with their friends makes current production too difficult to estimate. After one year of following my detailed instructions, most customers are experts; these customers will be your guides in the future on our tobacco forums. Pictures of their crop can be seen on tobacco forums , a few hours on the forum could guarantee a crop of tobacco and unlike other sites our detailed instruction are free with every order.

Tobacco seeds can be purchased from many sources, but very few sell seeds that will produce more seeds for the following year's crop. Mine will. Some tobacco seed retailers on the Internet also insist on membership to their tobacco club, or they only sell pelleted tobacco seeds (see our tobacco newsletter for more information), and this can be expensive over the years. We do not require any form of membership fees from you. This will be YOUR site, and it is hoped your shared experiences of tobacco growing on the tobacco forums will help other first time growers.

16 week old tobacco plants grown to about 4 feet tall

Tobacco seeds are a long way from producing a smokeable product; there is the growing, drying, curing and storing of the tobacco if you wish to produce a smokeable product from your tobacco seeds. Unlike some other tobacco seed retailers, we provide detailed instructions with every order to help you succeed. We also provide free online help to all our customers.

The instructions you will receive give detailed information on all aspects of growing to smoking and will describe the simple and cheap equipment required (available from your local D.I.Y. or hardware shop). You will need to provide outdoor land to grow these plants and in most countries a garden will do. If however you live in a cold and windy environment like the highlands of Scotland then a Polly-tunnel would be recommended.

My seed packets with 4 varieties of tobacco seeds (200 of each variety = 800 seeds) could product 80 kilos of tobacco. Other packs of at least 500 seeds could produce 50,000 cigarettes or 50 Kilos of cigarette / pipe / cigar leaf. Now you work out the cost of 50,000 cigarettes in your country ... it's no wonder the Tobacco Barons are so wealthy ! A small point worth bearing in mind: we provide packs of 500 tobacco seeds, yet other tobacco seed retailers provide packs of only 25 or 50 tobacco seeds. Our bigger packs of tobacco seeds can give you even greater savings !

Does tobacco grow in the UK? How many times this has been asked of me. King Charles 11 in the second half of the 1600s banned a successful commercial tobacco growing industry to promote the American Colonies. What an idiot ! Pity he didn't give away the Crown Jewels instead. (See "The History of Smoking" which comes with your order).

Do I advocate smoking? Never. Of course it must affect your health. A 20 a day smoker in the UK is paying upwards of £21 per week to the taxman, and in some homes £21 of food on the table could benefit the whole family's health. Spend some time in our tobacco forums to find out the cost of smoking around the world; it's becoming a luxury in all countries. This hobby takes you outdoors and will give you an interesting and rewarding pastime. Try it and find out for yourself.

Chris and his tobacco seeds have been in the press many times. See our press page

The reaction to my bringing this old skill back to the public has been greatly publicised by local, National and International Press. The BBC Greater London radio gave me an opportunity to tell the public live. Without the support these newspapers and writers have given me, many of the non-computer age public would not be smoking their own tobacco today. Further coverage on BBC TV News and BBC Radio 5 has created even more tobacco growers amongst the British public. Overseas publicity will always be welcome. How about contacting your local press to draw their attention to this site?

All that remains is for me to wish you the best of luck with growing your own tobacco. If you have any comments or questions, or if you wish to tell us about your growing experiences, please do so, we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to post your comments or questions on our tobacco forums, however, please read through our forums before posting questions to see if your question has been asked before.

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Sorry due to web space and 100 countries growing our seed, this has been discontinued.
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